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Instant Home Test Kits, Laboratory Testing, Drug Testing & Workplace Drug/Alcohol Testing

Test Kits At Home, LLC home testing kits and drug and alcohol tests are fast, simple and reliable. Our tests are easy to use in the privacy and convenience of your own home. Most of the test kits and testing services are either FDA Approved or CLIA Waived.
Try one of our most popular: at home 5 panel drug test!

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July is Strep Awareness Month!

Check out our line of Strep A Tests:
 Strep A Testing Kit


Substance Abuse


DNA Paternity Testing Drug Testing Supplies Hormone Testing
Do you suspect you are/aren't the father of a child? Do you want to test paternity? Check out these tests to help identify your needs. 
Standard/Legal Paternity Tests

Do you want to know your blood typeclick here!
We offer an affordable, FDA-approved kit that comes complete with everything you need to determine your blood type, including instructions, finger lancet and alcohol prep, plastic applicator sticks and testing card. All you need to supply is some water and your blood, and in less than six minutes, you will be able to determine  your ABO blood type and your RH factor.


Do you suspect your child or employee of drug or alcohol abuse?
Simplify your drug screening efforts and reduce costs with our on-site drug testing products.

We have several methods of testing: hair, saliva and urine. We can also test up to 14 drugs of abuse. Most results are visible within one minute of testing! Results can be photocopied and also can contain built-in adulterants!

Click here for our full line of drug testing supplies!

Needing an alcohol breath analyzer for work, home or personal use? We have several to choose from. All of our analyzers are either FDA-Approved or CLIA-Waived. Choose from our huge selection of breath analyzers here!

Are you having mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain, etc.? If so, you may need to have your hormones tested. Find out more here!

We are your one stop online shop for a variety of health and wellness testing kits such as: diabetes testing supplieswomen's health testsbody fat analyzers and pedometersblood pressure monitorsthyroid testsurine analyzer, uv/ray skin cancer screening and much more!

To see a full list of these tests click on the highlighted words above.


Alcohol Abuse

Infectious Disease Tests

Health Tests

Alcohol Breathalyzer  H Pylori Test Kit Colon Cancer Screening 

Check out our extensive line of mobile, personal and professional alcohol breathalyzers. 

Click here to view our line of alcohol breathalyzers!

Are you looking for a single use breath alcohol test? Our breath alcohol scans offers users a simple, convenient method to detect alcohol use and to estimate levels of alcohol intoxication. Click here for more information!

Does your physican's office test for infectious diseases? Do you want to save money on these tests? We have the highest quality products at competitive pricing! 

We have a wide range of professional tests including: H Pylori, Adenovirus, Strep A, Influenza A/B, Mono, IFOBT, Rotavirus, RSV, Thyroid, and more! Click here to see more on our infectious disease testing kits! 

The EZ DETECT™  Stool Blood Testing Kit is the most advanced home test available to detect hidden blood in the stool, one of the primary early warning signals of many health problems.

There are many types of allergies, and many different types of allergic reactions. Now a simple test from just a finger stick of blood is all it takes to get started on the right path. Our allergy Tests will help determine your type of allergies!

CholesTrak® Total Cholesterol Test can help physicians and patients in their quest to take control of their cholesterol health. It allows patients to quickly determine their cholesterol level in the convenience of their own home, office, or while traveling. With this easy-to-use cholesterol test, patients can find out their total cholesterol level in 15 minutes or less.



Discover K2 Multi Panel Drug Test Cup
Discover 12 Panel Cup w/ K2 (Box of 25)
Price: $199.75
Discover 12 Panel Cup w/ K2 (Box of 25)
Discover K2/Spice Multi-Panel Cup (box of 25)
Discover K2 Multi Panel Drug Test Cup
Discover 8 Panel Cup w/ K2 with Adulterants (Box of 25)
Price: $168.75
Discover 8 Panel Cup w/ K2 with Adulterants (Box of 25)
Discover K2/Spice Multi-Panel Cup (8 panel) with Adulterants
Glucose Diabetes Strips
Glucose Diabetes Test Strips - Contains 100 Strips
Price: $11.99
Glucose Diabetes Test Strips - Contains 100 Strips
Tests for Glucose in Urine
HIV Test Kit
Home Access® Express HIV-1 Test Kit (Results in 1 Day)
List Price: $72.99
Price: $61.99
Savings: $11.00
Home Access® Express HIV-1 Test Kit (Results in 1 Day)
Express Lab Test - Results in 1 Day
Instant HIV Test
Instant HIV Saliva Test - For Professional Use Only!
List Price: $449.99
Price: $419.99
Savings: $30.00
Instant HIV Saliva Test - For Professional Use Only!
Only Instant HIV SALIVA Test On Market (For Professional Use Only) - BOX OF 25!
Drug Testing
Reveal 10 Panel Cup with K2 (Box of 25)
Price: $204.75
Reveal 10 Panel Cup with K2 (Box of 25)
Reveal K2/Spice Multi-Panel Cup
Steriod Test
Steroid Confirm
Price: $139.99
Sales Price: $129.99
Savings: $10.00
Steroid Confirm
Steroids test for convenient use in the home, workplace or school
on sale

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