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Chlamydia Home Test Kit

Chlamydia Home Test
Price: $41.99
Item #: STD02
Manufacturer: AllTests
Manufacturer Part No: B00B19DVAK

Chlamydia Home Test Kit

  • 1 x Swab Stick
  • 1 x Result Indicator
  • 1 x Processing Tube with Cap
  • 1 x Solution A and B

Important, do not urinate within 1 hour before sampling. Wash hands before handling any of the contents.

On a workable table, place the processing tube so that it cannot fall over. Remove the swab stick from the packet and using the swab end…

For Men:
Carefully insert the swab at least 2cm in to the Urethra (hole in the tip of Penis)
Gently rotate for five seconds
Allow swab to remain in Penis for several seconds after
Gently remove swab from penis and avoid contact with any other surfaces

For Women:
Do not apply cream to urethra (where urine exits) or vaginal opening for at least 24 hours before test

Remove any excess mucus inside or around your urethra (do not use swab to do this)
Carefully insert swab in to urethra
Vigorously rub the swab on the interior wall lining for 15 seconds and allow to remain inside for several seconds, then gently remove.

Add 6-8 drops of solution A to the processing tube and then insert the swab to the tube. Rotate and squeeze the swab continuously for 2 minutes making sure as much liquid is expelled from the swab as possible. Then add 6 drops of solution B while swab is in the tube and squeeze the tube against the swab inside to expel as much liquid as possible for a further 3 minutes, then place the dropper cap on top of the processing tube and place to one side in an upright position. Remove the result indicator from the packaging ensuring it is at room temperature and is placed on a level work top. Pick up the processing tube firmly at the top and flick the bottom to stir the liquids together. Using the pipette provided, squeeze 3 drops in to the circular part of the result indicator marked S. Wait 10 minutes and check the result. Any results taken after 15 minutes are invalid and a new test should be given.

Chlamydia Results

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