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Notoco Otoscope Home Ear Scope and Book

Otoscope and Book
Price: $44.95
Item #: EAR03
Manufacturer: Notoco
Manufacturer Part No: COMBO
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Notoco Otoscope EarScope & Book

Our home-use EARscope lets you check for ear infections, ear drum fluid and more. Monitor your child's ear infection and help avoid late night visits to the emergency room, frantic trips to the doctor, endless antibiotics, and drastic ear tube surgery with the Notoco Ear Scope 1202 Home Otoscope.

Like more expensive professional otoscopes, the EarScope has a condensing mirror to focus a strong beam light into the ear, a clear, sharp magnifying len, and viewing tips (specula) for painless inspection of the ear canal and ear drum.

  • Performs like expensive models used by doctors    
  • Notoco 1202 Earscope(TM) is lightweight and easy to use.
  • Has double-focus light system with condensing mirror.
  • Magnifies image 2.5 times for crystal clear viewing.
  • 3 Viewing tips: for infant (3mm), youth (4mm) and adult (5mm).
  • Uses 2 standard AAA batteries and #222 bulb (all included).
  • Includes soft vinyl carrying pouch
  • Two year manufacturer's warranty (except for batteries & bulbs)
  • Comes in beige
  • Includes: EARS - An Owner's Manual. This educational medical book focuses on middle ear infections, use of home ear scopes and otoscopes, what is normal, etc. A reference about ear, nose and throat ailments for parents and other non-professionals. Forward by Tom Ferguson, M.D. Reader friendly, comprehensive review of common ear ailments, especially childhood ear infections and how to use home otoscopes.

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