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Urine Test for Ketone (Acetoacetic Acid)

Urine Test for Ketone
Price: $17.99
Item #: KID01
Manufacturer: Teco
Manufacturer Part No: URS-1K-100

Ketone Test for Urine (Acetoacetic Acid)

*If order does not exceed $1000, there will be a $35 handling fee added to your order.

Why Do I Need To Test For Ketone?

Ketone is a substance that can be found in trace amounts in urine.  However, when large amounts of ketone are found in your urine it is an indication of a serious problem, especially for people with diabetes.


Ketone is produced when you burn too much fat and carbohydrates.  This situation is more likely to be found in people with Type I Diabetes (insulin dependent).  When you produce a lot of ketones, it is a good indication that your diabetes may be out of control.  This complication is called Ketoacidosis and can lead to a coma.  The Urine Test for Ketone can provide a warning signal for you to contact a doctor or health care provider before your diabetes gets out of control.  Your doctor or health care provider can then recommend the necessary actions for you to get better.


Device Description:

URS-1K strips for Urinalysis are firm plastic strips to which a ketone reagent area is affixed. URS-1K strips are packaged along with a drying agent in a plastic bottle with a twist off cap. Each strip is ready to use upon removal from the bottle. The entire reagent strip is disposable. Results are obtained by direct comparison of the test strip with the color blocks printed on the bottle label.


Materials Provided:

1.   One bottle containing 100 strips of URS-1K.

2.   A visual comparison color chart for reading test results is printed on the bottle label.


Warnings And Precautions:

1.   Any visual impairment, such as color blindness, will affect accuracy of reading the results.

2.   To obtain best results, use fresh urine.

3.   Follow directions exactly. 

4.   For optimal results, accurate timing is essential.
5.   Exposure of URS-1K to light, moisture, or heat will cause deterioration and decrease reactivity.
6.   The user should follow up all positive results with his or her health care provider.
7.   Do not use after expiration date.



NOTE: All warnings, precautions, and proper storage procedures must be followed to avoid deterioration and insure reactivity of URS-1K.

1.      Store bottle at temperatures between 15°- 30°C (59°- 86° F) and out of direct sunlight.

2.      Do not use after expiration date. 

3.      Throw the old bottle away and use a new bottle of URS-1K after 6 months has passed from breaking the safety seal.

4.      All unused strips must remain in original bottle.  Transfer to any other container may cause reagent strips to deteriorate and become nonreactive.

5.      Do not remove the white packet (desiccants) from bottle.  Replace cap immediately and tightly after removing reagent strip.

6.      Do not touch test areas of the reagent strip.


If a problem cannot be identified or corrected, call our Customer Service Department, toll free 1-800-222-9880 or consult your doctor, diabetes educator, pharmacist, Self Testing Center or local product representative for advice on testing technique and results.
Click here for Ketone Instructions

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