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WobL Vibrating Watch (4 Colors Available!)

Potty Watch
Potty WatchPink Vibrating WatchVibrating Potty WatchBedwetting WatchVibrating Watch
Price: $44.00
Item #: BED01
Manufacturer: PottyMD
Manufacturer Part No: WobL Watch


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WobL Vibrating Watch


WobL Vibrating Watch is the smallest vibrating and alarm watch in the world.

Features of WobL Watch:

  • "NEW" Eight Separate Alarm Settings  
  • Alarm Features  
    • Vibration or Alarm function  
    • Countdown Timer has autoreset feature  
    • Date, Time, and Stop Watch  
    • "NEW" Button Lock-Out Feature  
  • Small & Comfortable Velcro Wristband  
    • for Toddler to Small Adult  
    • fits approx. 4" to 8" wrist  
  • "NEW" 3 ATM Water Resistant (NOT WATERPROOF)  
  • "NEW" Longer Battery Life & Shock Resistant  

The child friendly velcro band can fit as small as a 5" wrist and the face is 1 1/4" wide. WobL vibrating watch is manufactured by PottyMD. It is designed to provide reminders to those with small or delicate wrists. The WobL vibrating watch is specially made for children, women and young adults who need a quality watch that can vibrate or alarm at set intervals throughout the day. WobL Vibrating Watch also offers six different alarms, countdown timer, date and velcro band. Ideal for the deaf, hearing and visually impaired, potty reminders, discreet reminders to perform bodily functions, meetings, timed medication and daily routines.

The WobL vibrating watch is water resistant for hand washing but is not waterproof. The WobL watch comes with a 6 month manufacturer's warranty.  If your watch is deemed to be defective it will be replaced by PottyMD. The WobL watch battery only lasts about a month due to the vibrating motor. Extra batteries can be purchased seperately. This small high-tech watch is low cost compared to other vibrating watches.

Buy WobL Watch today! This potty watch is available in purple, pink, silver or blue.

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