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Alco-Screen 01 Saliva Alcohol Tests - (Law Enf) (Box of 24) - MADE IN USA!

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Alco-Screen Saliva Alcohol Screen Test

(Contains 24 Tests)
It is well established that the concentration of alcohol in saliva is very close to that in the blood. Saliva is the preferred specimen for alcohol testing, allowing for greater detection sensitivity than breath testing methods. Alco-Screen is a very simple, one-step, 2 minute test requiring no instrumentation, calibration or special training to be used effectively, and is convenient enough to be used any time, any place.
AlcoScreen 01

AlcoScreen 01 has been used by many law enforcement agencies, as well as establishments, schools, workplaces and others as a visual tool to indicate the level of alcohol consumption.
Testing Procedures:
Saturated the collection pad with saliva. After 2 min., observe the color change (if any) in the collection pad. A color change of green or blue indicates the presence of alcohol and a positive result. Compare the color chart appearing on the test package.

"Legal limit varies according to testing location".

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Saliva Alcohol Screen Kit (Box of 24)Used by parents, teachers and other professionals

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