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DOT Breath Alcohol Technician Training


Complete DOT Breath Alcohol Technician Training (units I-VII & unit VII)

Complete BAT training. Includes WBT units I-VI above and mock collection oversight by web cam (must use your own equipment).

We currently offer certification on the following equipment: Lifeloc Phoenix 6.0, Lifeloc Phoenix 6.0 BT, Lifeloc EV 30, Lifeloc FC10 & FC20. Intoximenters Alco-Sensor IV, Alco-Sensor IV w/memory, & RBT IV.

DOT BAT Rules & Regs Training Course - meets DOT requirements for Units 1-7. Unit 8 EBT Training separate. This is a Web Based Training program (WBT) we use to assist our Instructors in meeting DOT's training requirements. This training is offered on-line and provides Units I-VII of the required training in a DOT Model Course equivalent format. This interactive training program allows the student to study the DOT rules and regulations at their own pace and is designed to replace in-class training requirements of Units I-VII of the DOT Model Course. The WBT delivers consistent and accurate information about the DOT rules in a styled that engages the trainee. Audio and visual explanations and repetition of the key points help students learn the material, pass the Unit quizzes and the overall Mastery Test.

The study at your own pace? feature of the program offers flexibility for the trainer and the trainee. It reduces the preparation time and class time required by both parties, as well as providing a resource to allow the trainee to find answers to questions in the future. In addition, it provides the trainer with a foolproof method of insuring that the student has actually completed the WBT self-study program, which is one of DOTs training requirements.

The WBT meets the requirements of the rules and regulations portion of DOTs qualification training. 

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