Urine Cups

Urine drug testing is a very accurate way to determine recent drug use history. It is the most common form of drug testing, used by schools, employers and families alike. A urine drug test requires collecting a small urine sample. No laboratory work is required - you can find out the results of your drug test almost instantly.

All tests are FDA-Cleared and most are even CLIA-Waived!

Our most popular drug testing cup is the 12 panel, which can also be customized to which drugs you want.


AMP 1000 Amphetamine 1000 BARB Barbiturate 300
BUP 5 Buprenorphine 10 BZO Benzodiazepine 300
CO Cocaine 150 & 300 MDMA Ecstasy 500
MET Meth 500 & 1000 MTD Methadone 300
OPI Opiates 300 & 2000 ΟΧΥ Oxycodone 100
PCP Phencyclidine 25  THC Marijuana 50
TCA TCA 1000  K2  K2/Spice


TRA Tramadol 100ng KET Ketamine 1000
COT Cotinine 200 AMP Amphetamine 500
BARB 200 Barbiturate 200 BUP Buprenorphine 10
BZO 200 Benzodiazepine 200 EDDP Methadone   Metabolite 300
MOR Morphine 300 FEN Norfentanyl 100
ETG Ethyl Glucuronide 500 MDPV Bath Salts


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