20 panel drug testing cup

EXCLUSIVE 20 Panel Drug Test Cup with 6 Adulterants!

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Exclusive 20 Panel Drug Testing Cup with Gabapentin and Kratom PLUS 6 Adulterants!

Since 2007, VistaFlow has earned the reputation of being the “go to” drug test for detecting today’s drugs of abuse. Over 1,000 criminal justice agencies rely on VistaFlow every day to effectively and accurately monitor and detect drug use. Nothing tells the real story like VistaFlow.

20 Panel Drug Test Cup

More Drugs

Detects many of today's abused drugs in minutes including including Gabapentin, Kratom, Fentanyl PLUS, 6AM Heroin Metabolite, Ketamine, ETG 80 Hour Alcohol, K2 PLUS, Tramadol, and many more.


Includes 6 adulteration markers to detect tampering and flushing of system including Creatinine, Specific Gravity, pH, Nitrites, Oxidents, and Glutaraldehyde.

Using VistaFlow

VistaFlow provides an instant drug test result in minutes and has been optimized for limited cross-reactivity with other substances.

Tests for the following drugs:

  • GAB1000
  • KRA100
  • KET1000
  • 6AM10
  • ETG500
  • FEN50
  • k2+
  • TRA100
  • AMP500
  • BUP10
  • COC150
  • MDMA500
  • METH500
  • MOR300
  • BZO300
  • MTD300
  • OXY100
  • THC50
  • PCP25
  • BARB300
  • OX/pH/SG
  • GL/NI/CR


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