UrinAssist Urine Specimen Collection Aid (Case of 100)

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UrinAssist Urine Specimen Collection Aid

The UrinAssist™ is designed to assist women and children while collecting a urine sample. This is a single use, anatomically contoured plastic funnel that screws onto a (90mL) sterile leak-resistant specimen cup. The funnel is designed with an internal flange that helps direct urine into the cup without contaminating it. UrinAssist may be purchased in quantities of 100 UriAid™ funnels per case, or as a kit with 50 per case. The UrinAssist kit includes the UriAid funnel, a 90mL sterile screw cap collection cup with a patient/donor identification label, and a benzalkonium chloride antiseptic towelette.

UrinAssist Urine Specimen Collection Aid

  • Effective when assisting children, the elderly, the infirm, and during pregnancy
  • Reduce spillage and contamination of hands, container, and surroundings
  • Eliminate the need to transfer sample from urinal to specimen cup
  • Save nursing time with simplified patient self-collection
  • Save housekeeping time with reduced spillage
  • Seal is leak-proof once UrinAssist is screwed onto the specimen cup. If the cup overfills, the excess sample can be poured out.
 Comes 100 to a case!
Urine Collection Aid

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